San Mateo Daily Journal
Austin Walsh – 25 October 2016
“wonderful wins again”

San Francisco Chronicle
Jonathan Kauffman – 19 January 2015
“… the best of the Bay Area’s new Hunan restaurants …”

Peninsula Fine Living Blog
Sarah Hillhouse – 8 December 2014
“My new favorite Chinese restaurant on the Peninsula …”

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Dabin Lo – 17 November 2014
“The restaurant lived up to its name”

San Mateo County Environmental Health

Routine Inspection – 13 September 2014
EXCELLENT rating – the highest food safety rating possible


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Derrick P. – 26 March 2015
“During my last visit in Bay area I had a great pleasure to visit wonderful restaurant.”

Naibo Y. – 21 March 2015
“Wonderful place … Highly recommend”

Yeye Y. – 21 March 2015
“Definitely a must go in Millbrae!”

Mary M. – 20 March 2015
“Good food, good service”

Anne L. – 19 March 2015
“The food was fresh off the stove, tasty, and flavorful”

Karthig B. – 18 March 2015
“The food is de-lish!”

John S. – 16 March 2015
“Unique, authentic take on classic Hunan dishes, and a warm, welcoming staff”

Angel L. – 13 March 2015
“Fantastic, authentic Hunan cuisine!”

Caryn H. – 6 March 2015
“such a unique restaurant in Millbrae … it completely sets itself apart from the many Chinese restaurants in the area”

Anne S. – 2 March 2015
“What a wonderful meal at wonderful!”

M C. – 1 March 2015
“This is a game changer for Millbrae … this place has raised the bar”

Matt M. – 21 February 2015
“It’s pretty hard to go wrong”

Jenn T. – 17 February 2015
“Impressed with the open kitchen concept”

Alice C. – 15 February 2015 – ELITE
“Wow, one of the best meals I’ve had in quite a while! Every single dish was delicious”

Jim Y. – 15 February 2015
“[a] little gem in downtown Millbrae!”

Peter H. – 9 February 2015
“Great food and even better service and management”

Rrr X. – 8 February 2015
“They have now improved their service significantly”

Andrew L. – 27 January 2015
“This place is amazeballs to say the least!”

Jay S. – 27 January 2015
“I am hooked … They do such a good job with all the spices”

Amos S. – 25 January 2015

Fred S. – 23 January 2015
“This is what great cuisine is supposed to be!”

Dark Y. – 18 January 2015

Huifang L. – 12 January 2015
“It is great!”

Dominique N. – 10 January 2015
“Everything is very high quality, fresh, tasty and authentic”

Jenny B. – 8 January 2015
“wonderful is WONDERFUL!”

N M. – 31 December 2014
“We are already making plans to come back and bring our husbands!”

Denise W. – 31 December 2014
“Very clean environment and will definitely go back.  Staff was great so gracious.”

Pizzalove K. – 27 December 2014
“The server offered free spicy meat sauce that goes with green onion cake. That was really nice.”

Reanne W. – 25 December 2014
“Great service & spicy food is just awesome!”

Elizabeth B. – 17 December 2014
“The service is outstanding and they really want everyone to have a positive experience”

Ai Ling Y. – 11 December 2014
“Yummmmyyyyy!!!! Just like China … Perfect”

M T. – 11 December 2014
“The owner and staff were very nice and friendly! My husband and I like their food.”

Jesse Z. – 7 December 2014
“Excellent Hunan food that is different than the average Chinese restaurant”

Paul K. – 17 November 2014
“All outstanding. Nice decor and good service. We’ll be back soon!”

Hedan Z. – 16 November 2014
“WOW. This place is by far my favorite Chinese place in the Bay Area”

Bryant C. – 7 November 2014
“A Hunan style restaurant has taken my taste buds by storm.”

Iris M. – 6 November 2014
“Best Beijing noodle 北京炸酱面 ever!!”

Fionna R. – 26 October 2014
“The best part about my experience at wonderful [was] the service!”

Sishi L. – 12 October 2014 – ELITE
“The best Hunan restaurant”

Bebe W. – 18 September 2014
“Food is really good and the service is excellent for a Chinese restaurant.”

Kevin S. – 1 September 2014
“Chinese hamburgers are the bomb!!! The pork is so juicy and the bun is so awesome!!!”

Sunny T. – 17 August 2014
“Best new Chinese restaurant in town. This one is for real, one can taste the difference in challenging simple dishes.”

M C. – 17 August 2014
“Can you tell we had too much? We did. But that’s some awesome leftovers.”

Alan B. – 20 July 2014 – ELITE
“I was very impressed with the two dishes ordered and with the menu in general”

Jack L. – 20 July 2014
“It’s Hunan cuisine hot spicy flavor, not an ordinary Chinese restaurant. Recommended!”

Catherine T. – 15 July 2014
“Surprisingly delicious!”

Dana D. – 11 June 2014
“I would recommend this to people who are willing to try new things, the food here is definitely different.”

Conlan M. – 9 June 2014
“Legit Hunan Chinese food in the Bay Area … it was a pleasant surprise”

Rocio O. – 29 May 2014
“5 stars for great customer service”

De G. – 24 May 2014
“We are very happy to have a Chinese restaurant in Millbrae with good food and service”

Yingyi H. – 20 May 2014
“So far this is my favorite Hunan food in the area. I am looking forward to … try more spicy food”

Mabel S. – 18 May 2014
“The loofah is the best I have ever had”

Vicki L. – 15 May 2014
“Scallion pancake – handmade, soft and fluffy, must order”

Kate J. – 15 May 2014
“Great Hunan food!”

Cindy B. – 12 May 2014
“Hands down the most wonderful customer service for a Chinese restaurant ever”

Mei C. – 2 May 2014
“It’s a perfect 10 for a Chinese restaurant”

Rose F. – 28 April 2014
“The place is a MUST TRY! … this place will not disappoint you if you love it spicy”

Omar F. – 28 April 2014
“This place has really set a new standard for Hunan in the Bay Area”

PJ M. – 28 April 2014
“the amazing thing about wonderful is that their menu absolutely caters to all palettes”

Jonathan C. – 24 April 2014
“my worries were put to rest with a friendly and attentive atmosphere”

John C. – 21 April 2014
“My wife, who worked … in Hunan, thought it was the first meal she’d had in the Bay Area that took her back”

Julian H. – 19 April 2014 – FIRST REVIEW
“Great new addition to Millbrae. Very authentic Hunan cuisine”



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