Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept VISA and MasterCard. We hate American Express, so we do not accept their cards at wonderful!

Is there a credit card minimum?
No, you can swipe a credit card for any amount.

Why are your dishes so expensive?
We have to pay back operating costs, and the costs of starting up a business. In addition, we spend a lot of money buying the freshest produce possible for our lunch and dinner services.

Can I request non-spicy food?
Yes, all of our dishes can be made without spicy peppers for those that do not enjoy spiciness.

Who should I contact regarding any feedback?
Please speak to a manager on duty or email the general manager at [email protected].

Is this business family-owned?
Yes and no. This restaurant is wholly managed and owned by a parent holding firm which provides direction and guidance for our operations. You may contact the firm’s chief executive and majority shareholder (Mr You You Xue) via email at [email protected] for business enquiries only.